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Where are my Silk Pajamas?

Some years ago I was regularly fishing with a bass club in North Alabama, and we often went to southern Tennessee or south Alabama on overnight trips to fish for bass. We'd leave the night before, stay in a motel somewhere and be on the water for the blast off at first light. Sometimes we'd just fish at night, and go home the next day.

A few of the guys I fished with were farmers, some businessmen, a doctor or two, and some were in the car business, as I was.

Two of the fellows in the car business were a new car salesman and the sales manager from the same dealership where I worked as a technician. The salesman, who I'll call "Wally", was married, as was the sales manager. Only one of the guys had a boat, and they liked to fish together, though I only found out why later.

On a trip to Tim's Ford Lake in Tennessee, I noticed they were with us on the convoy, but never made it to the launch. When I mentioned that I wondered what happened to them, my partner for the night said "You won't be seeing those two guys tonight, they have a couple of honey's up here that they will be spending the night with." HMMMMMM...I said. Bad Karma, that.

Me being nosy, I started watching when and where these two fellows were missing tournaments. It was quite a lot, and usually on the trips to Tennessee.

Time passed, and I heard that "Wally" was looking for an apartment, because his wife had finally caught up to him. The story was that he had asked her to pack his silk pajamas for an overnight fishing trip. DUH. Silk pajamas? On a fishing trip?

Anyhow, when he gets back from the weekend fishing trip, the wife asks how the fishing was, and Wally says, "It was pretty good, we got a few. By the way, why didn't you pack my silk pajamas?"

and the wife says, "I did, you S.O.B., they are in YOUR TACKLE BOX!!"

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