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The Massive Midnight Topwater Strike

I love fishing topwater baits. The strikes in the daylight are so cool, especially when you can see a bass homing in on the lure, leaving a wake as he streaks across the water and tries to kill it. Like a lot of fisherman, I remember the strikes more than I do the size of the bass, or how many I caught that day.

Fishing topwaters at night can make a major impression too, as sometimes late at night when things are really still, a bass hitting a topwater can scare you half to death! Blip-blip....plop-plop.. Bzzz-bzzz...KABOOM!!

Now, to be perfectly honest, I've had so many of those that only a few stand out very clearly as a "Killer Strike", and the one I tell this story about wasn't one of them.

My old fishin' pals Bruce, Bozo and Charles used to fish a lot in a really dark swamp in North Alabama called "Lady Anne Lake." It was 300 acres of prime fishing, surrounded by 3000 acres of woods. To the east was the U.S. Army base, Redstone Arsenal, thousands of acres of more woods and swamp. There were no lights except for a tackle shop and 1 porchlight on the caretakers house up the road. Well, we spent the night a lot of times, even though the lake was closed at dark. This was due to having done a huge favor for the owner, building him an underwater system to keep floating logs out of his spillway. After that we had a lifetime pass to fish anytime we wanted to.

So, one night we happened to be on a dark bank, fishing in the lake when a couple of guys in a boat came in our direction. They were what we laughingly referred to as "boat bangers", beating the heck out of their aluminum boat with paddles and wondering why they couldn't catch any fish. Any bass nearby was probably laughing too. They were drinking beer and smoking a little pot, and we could see them passing the joint between them. They were completely unaware that we were sitting there in the dark on the bank, and that's when the "Massive Midnight Strike" occured.

The guy in the front of the boat casted his topwater lure straight at us, and it landed right at the edge of the water. I couldn't resist what happened next. I stood up, picked up a concrete cinder block that I was sitting on, and threw it directly on top of the guy's lure. KERBLOOSH!! It was REAL loud.

The guy starts yelling "I got one!, I got one!" and then "*&%$#, it got off!!!" They kept casting over and over near there, and after about 10 minutes they paddled on down the bank. I bet those two guys never passed that spot again without stopping to cast there and talking about that "Massive Midnight Strike."

Up to now, if I went fishing with the old gang again in the dark and had a good strike, one of them would be sure to say "sounded like a concrete block, didn't it?"

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