18.5 Master Angler

Maverick Boats-Review of Master Angler 18.5

The Maverick Master Angler 18.5 is billed as having the smoothest ride of any inshore boat in the world. After having spent a few days and nights in one with Capt. Larry L. Fowler, I can't argue that claim. It is a full sized skiff with plenty of storage, (the current model has nine dry storage compartments) a large release well (20 gallons), and is very stable with a 7'6" beam.

The large decks offer plenty of standing room, and the gunwales are wide enough to walk on when fighting a fish, an attribute I can personally attest to. The non-skid surfaces make for sure footing, and the flush deck and gunwales eliminate potential problems there as well.

The boat ran well for us in water that would have been a rough ride in some other boats, crossing wakes without any of the usual banging on the hull. The hydraulic trim tabs allow the boat to run with a bow-lowered attitude, but with the motor trimmed out. We ran through water that was very shallow, thanks to the rise built into the hull.

Maverick offers a smaller version, the Mirage 2, a 17'2" that will float the flats in 9.5 inches of water. The Maverick Mirage 2 offers many of the fine features on the 18'5" Master Angler.

Maverick also has a version of the 18'5" boat with lockable rod storage, as opposed to the under gunwale storage of rods. The rod lockers add a mere 25 lbs to the 950 pound boat, and make the gunwales even wider. A 9 1/2 foot rod will fit in those 2 lockers. For any further details, or brochures, contact Maverick at the address on this page, or visit their web site. Click here to visit Maverick Boats.

Master Angler 18.5

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