If Bass Went Shopping.

If Bass went shopping, where would they go? What would they buy?
I bet some bass would run into the 7-11, and get out of there quick.

You can bet some Bass would go to the mall, and fight the crowds... check out the sales!
Yeah, and fight with some other bass over a good deal.
Some Bass, on the other hand, wouldn't go to the mall, wouldn't drive all over town for a sale, wouldn't run to the convenience store, just wouldn't do it. Nope.

Lots of Bass would take a quick look at at a sale item, and throw it in a shopping cart, already looking for the next shiny deal. Some Bass would buy things on impulse, not really even thinking if they need it or not, or whether it's really what they want to buy. It's just an opportunity to get a deal, and a snap judgement. These would usually be your less experienced shopping Bass. "Hey, put that on my Basstercard, huh? And can you hurry? I hear there's a sale at Walleye-Mart!"

But some Bass wouldn't be taken in by that set of tricks. Those Bass are going to be slow, careful shoppers. They are going to examine every aspect of a purchase. You know the type. They move real slowly, look at things real carefully, figure out whether the item is going to be exactly what they want, and then they seal the deal. If it any time during the transaction, something doesn't feel right, they just stop the deal and leave the store. They go back home.

Now, your less experienced shopping Bass might be tricked into buying a shiny, noisy, flashy whatzit gizmo.

Your big ol' experienced shopping Bass, on the other hand, is more likely to buy a familiar item, something more fulfilling, like a fat, soft, gooey something. Not interested in running here and there, getting all worn out over little treats. Not usually, anyhow.

See where this is going?

In the summer, when Bass are schooling, the younger Bass are feeding heavily on shad and shiners. The bigger Bass are seldom being caught then. Why? Because they aren't playing the same game. They are deeper, slower, more careful, and they are looking for easier prey. They want the bigger meals, feeding on the larger shiners, snakes, frogs and meals that move slower.

Your younger Bass will run after bait and slam it, and it doesn't have to be that close to the same thing they are eating. A bigger Bass, say over 10 pounds, isn't going to generally expend that energy needed to chase smaller bait.

For numbers of Bass, fish it fast and cover lots of water, or relatively so.

For Trophy Bass, who might be in the nearest heavy cover, and/or deep water, slow down, use a bait that looks like something he'd shop for, and be patient. It'll pay off.

Now, go sell something!!

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