Just cast in any Direction.

Florida is truly a fishing paradise. There are a lot of things I love about Florida, like the usually warm winters, the tropical scenery, the relaxed lifestyle, but most of all, the fishing in the many choices of waters.

If your goal in life was to fish a new stretch of water every single day for the next 50 years, you could do it in Florida.

If you have fished for any length of time, you probably have a favorite fishing spot. Most fishermen are like that. We have favorite fishing spots, favorite rods, reels, lures, hats, and lucky shirts. Then, when we happen to try something new and have some success, the new place becomes a favorite spot, or we have a new favorite gadget.

I have my favorites too, and I don't mind sharing with my pals. There once was a time when I was a secretive sort, because I told of my favorite spots and then they were too crowded for me to get into. I seldom run into those kinds of problems these days, probably because my favorite spots generally cover 38,000 acres or so. Where's my favorite secret spot today? Lake Kissimmee. Ummm, North end. There you go, that cuts it down to 18,000 acres. Want to know another secret? It doesn't matter that much where you fish there, because there's a huge quantity of fish in Kissimmee now.

Here's the thing about Florida, favorite fishing spots aside. From any place in the state of Florida, you are minutes away from great fishing. I'm happy to say, that for a fisherman, Florida should never be a boring place.

Is there an inside story? Sure there is. The old saying goes that 10% of the fishermen catch 90% of the fish. The inside story as far as I can tell, is that .001% of the fishermen catch about 25% of the really big fish. I see the same faces and names all the time with the real trophy fish. Why is that? Several reasons, like time on the water, preparedness, seriousness of fishing, attention to detail, clear thinking, great equipment, experience, and predatory instincts.

Florida has lots of room for fun fishing, commercial fishing, tournament fishing (which I classify differently than fun fishing), and serious trophy fishing. This publication was created to touch all these different facets of Florida fishing, though I doubt we'll be doing a whole lot with the commercial fishing industry, other than charter Captains.

Sometimes we are going to write more about fun fishing a lot of water, and other times about trophy fishing specific waters.

We'll be telling you about things we like, including lures, lakes, rivers, Captains, motels, places to eat and fish camps. If we recommend it, it's not because someone pays us; it's because we have been there and liked it. Plan your next fishing vacation in Florida, we grow them big around here. And just cast in any direction.

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