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Reach Florida's Registered Fishing License Holders

Fish Florida Alliance is a new (digital) publication and virtual community supporting fresh and saltwater fishing in Florida. Our mission is simple: connect bona-fide fishing enthusiasts with timely and valuable information to satisfy their fresh and saltwater pursuits and enhance the adventure and enjoyment in the REEL Florida Experience™.

The strength of Fish Florida Alliance lies in our unique ability to reach nearly 1.5 million Florida fishing enthusiasts through exclusive e-newsletters to the official Florida fishing license registration database, our website subscribers and dedicated social channels.

Fish Florida Alliance is the Chief Marketing Organization for Florida Fishing Tourism™ and operates with cooperation of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and support from the Florida Sports Foundation.


To learn how we can help you reach up to 1.5 million Florida fishing license holders, call (904) 270-9858‬‬ or email