My Audubon Friends

Audubon crew when the trailer was new, 2003! Lots of events, lots of Redfish Tagged and Released, for 15+Years.
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Time for Something New.

About 35 years ago as I was working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and contemplating the future, I had the opportunity to speak with a fellow who was older and wiser about the subject of Life after Traveling the Mideast for a few years.

My friend and I worked together in one of the largest GM Dealerships in the world. In his many years of working and saving he’s managed to buy 1/4 mile of a Texas River front property.

His take on elder and retirement plans went like this;

I want to go fishing every day and get the checks out of the mailbox.”

Well that certainly seemed like a reasonable goal, and I felt a sense of comfort thinking along those lines.